Hydropower plants and small hydropower plants in Romania

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Romanian Small Hydropower Association is a Romanian non-profit legal person, registered according to the legal provisions. ROSHA is a professional, non-government, non-political association without lucrative purpose.

Since 2008 (its founding year), ROSHA is a member of the European Small Hydropower Association – ESHA and benefited by its direct support. Message of ESHA president, Marko Gospodjinacki, submitted to the members of the association and to the actors from the hydropower sector in Romania is the following:

As president of ESHA I would like to express full support for ROSHA, the Romanian Small Hydropower Association. The meaning of associating the actors in the hydropower field is extremely important on both Member States and European level. Only in such way we can competently represent the interests of our members, while at the same time constructively cooperate with the energy and environmental authorities. ROSHA and its members are active partners with the state and other interested parties, and this understanding is necessary in order to find a harmony between the sometimes opposite interests. Please accept my gratitude for your devoted work and your valuable contributions also within the European Small Hydropower Association.

Marko Gospodjinacki – President ESHA

ROSHA acts in the field of electricity generation within small hydropower plants and enables legal and organizational contacts with government and non-government institutions and bodies within the country and abroad.

ROSHA represents the interests of its members and – by concrete lobby actions  defends their rights. In this respect, given the balanced character of the association, ROSHA promotes ideas, programs, actions (including the organization of events: conferences, round tables) complying with the requirements and needs of its members.

ROSHA has in view and aims the following:

  • Drawing up a system for the representation of the interests of its members in relation to the state relevant authorities, in view of developing and supporting the electricity generation in small hydropower plants and in relation to ESHA, as well.
  • Permanent informing of its members, with regard to the amendment of laws in the small hydropower field, and the active involvement in their preparing stage, as well.
  • Encouraging of partnerships between the association members.
  • Cooperation with relevant institutions and bodies within the country and abroad.
  • Supporting of research and preparing of studies concerning the hydroelectric potential of the inland rivers and the opportunity of small hydropower plants location in harmony with the environment.
  • Organization of experts trainings, of conferences, workshops, round tables in the small hydropower field.
  • Submission to ESHA of small hydropower data from Romania and the public presentation of Romania position, as well.

By the role it assumed, ROSHA intends to establish a permanent contact

between and with its members, in terms of mutual support and achievement of the main goals in the small hydropower field.