Small hydropower plants and the environment

Intention to invest in small hydropower is considered by many private companies, and for this option an old small hydropower plant can be.

The main expenses for placement of small hydro are those related to the intake, penstock an the power plant building. There are conditions for such an investment expenses that depend on environmental compliance.

Opportunity to purchase a SHP should be viewed in terms of return on investment compared to other business opportunity.

Not all small hydropower plants are in good working condition. Must be considered: the need for investment in automation in consolidation, other repairs and retrofitting even to the extent that they can receive green certificates law.

Important is the condition of the dam and adduction and  lack of major environmental problems, combined with the ability to produce energy.

The main environmental aspects of planting the SHP are:

  • Provide a sanitary discharge (easement) which will not hinder the development of flora and fauna in the area;
  • Noise emitted by SHP operation be within acceptable limits;
  • The location is not in a protected area.


On the first page of the site were published guides that can help a developer to pursue environmental issues during SHP construction:


A guide for best practice for small hydropower domain

Approach for small hydropower projects


In this section we present a collection of photos showing more than so many thousands of words, that small hydropower can and should be beautiful, elegant, perfectly integrated into the environment.


SHP Peles
SHP Sinaia “0″
SHP Sinaia “0″ – Loading chamber
SHP Timisoara
SHP Bistrica, Slovenia