ARmHE (ROSHA) has as goals:

  • to be a platform for those involved in energy production in SHP:
  • representation of their interests with the authority elaborates legislation and regulations in energy production through active involvement in all phases until the final stage;
  • keeping up to date at European and national level, to inform them, in terms of: Direct laws and regulations (in the field of electricity generation) and indirect (environmental);
  • scientific raising its members and the overall activity of small hydropower in Romania;
  • information services to members through various means: website, newsletter, after performing studies in the field of small hydropower catch stage;
  • besides informing and promoting local and national authorities of small hydropower in all aspects: economic, technical and environmental;
  • stimulate research activity in Romania various issues small hydropower;
  • cooperation with institutions in Europe and outside Europe;
  • maintenance of relationships and collaborations with associations, professional societies and similar organizations scientific country and abroad;
  • stimulation contracts between professionals interested in scientific research and hydropower engineering;
  • romanian institutions encourage participation in international programs.

ARmHE (ROSHA) aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • supporting young engineers in the field of small hydropower;
  • bringing together all interested individuals and legal entities in the small hydropower;
  • support any initiative at national and international level to promote energy production in small hydro and other renewable energy systems;
  • advising on request or on its own initiative state bodies and scientific fora decision in the field of small hydropower;
  • organizing training courses for specialists in the field;
  • organizing and supporting conferences, seminars, round tables in the small hydropower;
  • other activities of a similar nature according to the stated purpose.